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Through the diversity of its members, the International Road Federation (IRF) is a network of public and private sector entities all with a common interest in the development of modern, economically and ecologically efficient and safe roads.

Membership Benefits

Through the diversity of its members, the International Road Federation (IRF) is a network of public and private sector entities all with a common interest in the development of modern, economically and ecologically efficient and safe roads.  IRF enjoys Special Consultative Status in the UN’s ECOSOC and is represented in its Committees working on safer and sustainable mobility.

IRF set up its India Chapter, IRF-IC in 2011.  Since its inception, IRF-IC has been active in pursuing Safe Roads and Safe Mobility in the country.  With 9 major regional conferences, a number of road shows, notable efforts with Government, a World Road Meeting in 2017, IRF-IC has undertaken relentless activities in India.  It continues to forge ahead with its 5E Programme in the 7 top ranking States with regard to road traffic accidents in the first phase.  Details about this programme is available in our website

Our membership includes:

  • Consulting engineers, planning and management services
  • Construction companies
  • Construction equipment machinery manufacturers
  • Distributors of construction equipment
  • Road construction materials manufacturers
  • Road infrastructure operators and concessions
  • Ministries of Transport, Road Directorates and other Government services / agencies / authorities / departments associated with Road Transportation
  • Automobile Manufacturers
  • UN Institutions covering safer and sustainable transportation development as well as those concerned with the development of Safer Vehicles (IRF Leads the Safer Transportation Development group and is an active member in the other).
  • Road associations
  • Trade and sectorial associations and organisations
  • Educational institutions and universities
  • Research institutions
  • Highway Systems Technology
  • ITS and traffic management
  • Safety devices


Membership Benefits:

The catalyst for new BUSINESS opportunities

By uniting the entire supply chain of road players, the IRF is an ideal platform for developing business partnerships and joint ventures. IRF helps people meet the right contacts in a neutral and trusted atmosphere, thereby fostering investment in the sector, improving product development and accelerating sales cycles.

ADVOCATE for the Road and Road Mobility Sectors

IRF works to mobilise political will with sound evidence, and to create a favourable climate for the road and road transportation sectors. IRF has a strong voice and significant influence when it comes to defending the members’ interests. IRF reinforces members’ dialogues with their own stakeholders, supporting individual advocacy efforts.

IRF India’s 5E Programme of Road Safety, namely Engineering of Roads, Engineering of Vehicles and Policy Interventions, Education, Enforcement and Emergency Care, lay focus on each of the aspects in depth.  Under 2nd E on Vehicular Engineering, IRF-IC is working closely with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways* and Ministry of Heavy Industry, besides various State Governments.  This is an excellent platform for advocacy/opinion making and policy interventions.

The promoter of INNOVATIONS and forward-looking solutions

IRF is a forward-looking Federation, striving to anticipate the needs, identify and promote future solutions for the road and road mobility sector.

Projection of your organization as a Good Corporate Citizen through involvement in various Pan India projects based on 5Es – Road Safety Audits (E1), Vehicular Engineering and Policy Interventions (E2), Road Safety Education Programs (E3), Training of Police Personnel to strengthen Enforcement (E4) and Emergency Care (E5).

The 5Es form major component of the global concept of a Safe System.  This concept envisions a System where the Roads become forgiving so that even when an accident takes place there is no fatality. This is ably supported by the other Es to ensure safer and better Vehicles, well aware, informed and sensitised communities, trained police personnel, adept at controlling and handling any mishaps and bystanders trained as skilled good Samaritans to provide pre-hospital care, reasonably well equipped hospital care facilities by upgrading the existing facilities, thereby giving a chance to the victims to survive.



IRF-IC’s Coalition Programme

IRF-IC has recently launched a Coalition Programme. This coalition will bring into its fold like-minded Corporates, think tanks, academia, research organizations etc. to consistently undertake programs on road safety. This coalition will aim to undertake programs on education and mass awareness and emergency care to begin with.

The coalition therefore provides a platform to all its existing as well as prospective members to join the mission of Road safety and help in the achievement of UN’s Decade of Action envisaging 50% reduction in road safety accidents and fatalities by the year 2030.

IRF-IC’s School Zone Safety Programme

Recently, IRF (IC) has launched a School Zone Safety Programme, which follows the guidelines outlined in the IRC: SP: 32 for fostering a culture of safety and undertaking safety capacity-building audits near schools. IRF-IC has also developed a School Zone Safety Portal that will bring visibility about the School Zone Road Safety status in the public domain so that parents/citizens can see how safe the schools are and exert pressure on the school and civil administration. Each school will receive a unique login ID, so they can have all the information related to the school’s road safety zone.

The Corporates can play an active role in this effort by adopting a number of schools near their area of operations / establishments / manufacturing units and fulfill their role as Good Corporate Citizens working for the betterment of the society.

The global centre of KNOWLEDGE and know-how

IRF acts as the point of reference and a centre of best practices and benchmarking for the road industry. IRF acts as a knowledge hub on past and current developments and future trends. As such, IRF is the worldwide expert on global transport and related issues.  It continues to undertake research on areas of innovative developments.

We have just made a breakthrough in comfortable and safe movement of vehicles during fog.  This is being provided on the Bundelkhand Expressway in U.P. We are working on plants which emit light during night with Pant Agriculture University as a research Project.  Similar effort is also on going in MIT Boston as well as in Netherlands.

The Provider of TRAINING and EDUCATION

IRF provides members worldwide with a wide range highly educational and professional development opportunities and resources.

In house Training Programmes of IRF-IC such as Road Safety Audits, Drivers’ Training, Police Personnel training on Traffic Management, Pre-hospital Trauma Care Training and Road Safety Education for School Children are some of our key programmes check this link right here nowyou can try these outburga phone casephone case shoplook at this web-site.  We are in the process of enhancing our training curriculum and competence using external resources as well.

Some of our notable works include preparation of Road Safety Curriculum for school children integrated with the existing contents of Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science of classes VI to X.  For creating extensive awareness, we have also prepared short road safety films in association with Maruti Suzuki.

Recently, we prepared a Road Safety Anthem of 1 min. in 23 Indian languages and a few widely spoken foreign languages.  Our vision is to make this Anthem universal with road safety in the country and heard in every nook and corner, every school and gatherings.  An Anthem in all the Indian languages is enclosed herewith with a humble request to play it in your establishments, before the start of every shift.

Advertising Opportunities

IRF provides ample opportunities to participate in its road shows, activities and unique publication called World Road Statistics (WRS).  WRS is one of its kind data publication providing data on Roads and Road Mobility sectors of the world.

Giving STATUTORY Rights

Being a member of the IRF gives special and specific statutory rights which include opportunities to be a part of the Governing Council and Governing Body, both in India and the world body.


IRF-IC has in place 7 committees namely, Engineering & Infrastructure Committee, Transportation & Logistics Committee, Automotive & Vehicle Safety Committee, Education & Awareness Committee, Enforcement & Legislation Committee (Advocacy Committee), Emergency Response & Medical Committee and Research & Innovation Committee to work to expedite the mutual objectives of members and the Federation.  A member can be a part of any one or two committees and take an active part in the Federation.

World Road Statistics

A unique publication of datasets of over 200 countries pertaining to Road Networks, Road Traffic Volumes, Multimodal Transport, Vehicle Fleets, Country Profile, Road Traffic Accidents, etc. will be shared with our members to serve as a rich source of data.


International AWARDS and RECOGNITION

The IRF Awards Programs are set up to gather and disseminate information on the exemplary people and projects around the world that place this industry at the forefront of social and economic development.

How to join? It’s as simple as 1, 2 & 3, below:

  1. To become an IRF Member, please fill in the attached Membership form:
  2. Kindly return the completed and duly filled form to the following address:

International Road Federation (India Chapter)
            “A-9A”, 3rd Floor, Green Park Main
New Delhi – 110016
Email: [email protected]



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