To improve road safety, all new national highways will have an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), a member of National Highway Authority of India said on Tuesday.

Addressing a virtual event organised by International Road Federation (IRF), NHAI Member, Projects, R K Pandey said corrective measures have been taken to remove black spots on national highways.

“To improve road safety in the country and to reduce fatal road accidents on national highways, all the new roads being developed under National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will have Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS),” he said.

The ATMS will include immediate location identification of areas where traffic bottlenecks occur due to accidents or other reasons and provision of information to motorists on that stretch immediately.

“Currently 4,500 black spots have been identified on the national highways and 2,500 have been rectified,” he said.

Pandey said that road safety audits are being taken at various stages of construction including at end of the project.

“For the existing roads measures have been taken to remove the black spots,” he added.

According to International Road Federation (IRF), India accounts for more than 10 per cent of global fatal road accidents, the highest in the world.

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