IRF Membership Benefits

The International Road Federation offers you…

  1. Excellent networking opportunities, by:

-Being the only truly global forum for exchange and interaction in the road sector.
-Giving you personal access to some 400 IRF members from the public, private and academic sectors from over 90countries.
-Providing you access to officials in important emerging markets and having a fast expanding membership in China andIndia.
-Connecting you with potential clients and business partners around the world.

  1. A seemingly endless source of road sector knowledge and intelligence, by:

-Connecting you with knowledge champions from the IRF membership in working groups and committees on road-relatedthemes such as Road Safety, Road Financing & Economics, Intelligent Transport Systems and Environment.
-Organizing dedicated conferences and seminars addressing highly timely and relevant topics, allowing you to exchange,debate and learn in an interactive setting.
-Providing you with reliable data through the annual IRF World Road Statistics, the most authoritative compilation ofroad statistics in the world.
-Accessing a huge online resource centre, the Global Transport Knowledge Practice (GKTP), where you can find and shareimportant themed road-related documents, IRF conference proceedings & publications and other knowledge items.

  1. Enhanced corporate and personal exposure, by:

-Offering you the opportunity to present, speak and moderate at IRF conferences and seminars.
-Publicising your articles in high-standing international transport industry publications.
-Offering you sponsorship opportunities for key IRF events and assisting you in gaining exposure for your organization inupcoming markets.
-Enabling you to exhibit your organization’s products & services to an international audience at IRF events.
-Awarding road sector excellence, for example during the annual Global Road Achievement Awards (GRAA) and the biannual INAROAD awards for innovative transport solutions in developing countries.


  1. Support and representation of your interest in road related policy and regulations, by:

-Having a permanent consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, meaning access tokey UN events and a voice in UN deliberations.
-Having close connections to and being involved in major initiatives of multi-lateral institutions such as the United Nations,
the European Commission and international financing institutions such as the World Bank and the regional developmentBanks.
-Supporting your local advocacy and lobby objectives by providing IRF branding and backing for your events and activities.
-Involving you in phrasing the interest and concerns of the road sector, in IRF Policy Statements and similar position andconsultation papers, which are addressed to politicians and high level policy makers.

  1. Training and capacity building opportunities to enable you to respond to ongoing challenges, by:


- Supporting the Senior Roads Executive Programme, an annual 4-module training programme for executives in the roadssector, organized by the University of Birmingham and endorsed by the World Bank, covering the main aspects of roadinfrastructure management.
-Issuing grants to graduate engineers and other transportation professionals from around the world in support of full-timeacademic training through the IRF Fellowship Programme.
-IRF Executive Seminars, regular multi-disciplinary courses for senior road transport professionals covering topics such as contract maintenance and road asset management.
-Providing Road Safety Audit courses and other road safety related training activities, tailored to local environment andcircumstances.
-Organizing on-demand courses and study-tours for small groups.

  1. Preferential rates on cutting-edge products and events enabling you to stay ahead of the curve:

- CHANGER: a greenhouse gas calculator specifically tailored to road infrastructure projects to determine the carbonfootprint of road construction activities.
-RADaR: the IRF Road Accident Data Recorder, is a software application developed to collect accident data in acomprehensive manner, with a view to helping road authorities, traffic police, insurance firms and health authoritiesreduce both the rate of accidents and their impacts.
-Attractive IRF Member rates for all IRF events and selected conferences supported by IRF.


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